mr muk

style – aesthetic – invdividuality

100% australian owned

est. 2006

Mr Muk Range

Cruelty Free Logobarber

introducing a new category in men’s haircare… mr muk

Created specifically for professional barbers and their discerning clientele, mr muk is a sculpted collection of authentic grooming products that blend craftsmanship with performance.

  • clean modern formulations.
  • concentrated designer fragrance.
  • contemporary monochromatic packaging.
  • sleek shelf appeal.

mr muk’s bold, yet polished presence will enhance a man’s persponal style without sacrificing his masculinity.

Proudly designed in Australia, only the finest ingredients have been used to craft the mr muk collection. Our products are also cruelty free and PETA approved.

Clients can only purchase mr muk from the barber they trust

mr muk. Grooming performance for men’s hair that exceeds expectations.


  • Mr Muk Extra Hold High Gloss Pomade 100g

    mr muk extra hold high gloss pomade 100g

    The cult classic pomade is transformed for today’s urban rebels and rock stars. Provides maximum shine and definition without the grease factor, plus the added bonus of total styling flexibility. No hard, dry issues with this pomade… hair is left sleek, touchable, and ready for the big screen. Water-soluble formulation means it washes out with ease

  • Mr Muk Flexible Hold Grooming Cream 100g

    mr muk flexible hold grooming cream 100g

    Smooth like honey without the mess, this water-soluble grooming cream spreads easily on hair for flexible hold and shine. Adds body to the long layers, definition to the curls and thickness to fine hair, with long-lasting control and humidity resistance minus any stickiness, flaking or build up.

  • Mr Muk Extreme Hold Semi Matte Mud 100g

    mr muk extreme hold semi matte mud 100g

    No more getting stuck in the mud, this semi-matte moulding paste gives your hair extreme hold with the flexibility of style. Mud formulation provides intense grip and texture with a subtle sheen, so hair behaves all day long without product build up. Non-greasy, humidity resistant and water soluble.

  • Mr Muk Brutal Hold Semi Matte Mud 100g

    mr muk brutal hold semi matte mud 100g

    For rugged styles that last the distance, this low sheen, strong hold mud offers enduring texture and intense definition for today’s urban adventurer who likes to play rough. The mud consistency and humidity resistant formula, make it easy to apply and re-shape. 100% water soluble for an easy wash out.

  • Mr Muk Strong Hold Ultra Matte Paste 100g

    mr muk strong hold ultra matte paste 100g

    Ultra-matte with hardcore muscle, this easy to apply paste deadlocks styles into place without an ounce of shine factor. Bonus boom, hair thickness is bulked up, adding extra volume and texture where needed. The result? A non-greasy, water-soluble style without flakiness or build up

  • Mr Muk Strong Hold Gritty Finish Paste 100g

    mr muk strong hold gritty finish paste 100g

    Your key to archi-textural styling, right here, right now. A firm hold finishing paste with grit galore ideal for creating and re-working roughed up styles without any flaking. Super strong hold and texture off the richter scale. Water soluble so washes out easily

  • Mr Muk Firm Flexible Hold Medium Gloss Mud 100g

    mr muk firm flexible hold medium gloss mud 100g

    If you like your drink shaken, not stirred, then this smooth groomer is just for you. A medium gloss mud that provides firm hold and enhanced shine whilst leaving the hair touchable and defined. Water-soluble formula washes out easily and protects against humidity, so your style looks sharp in the hottest of situations.

  • Mr Muk Beard Oil 50ml

    mr muk beard oil 50ml

    Like liquid gold for facial hair, this luxurious, non-greasy formula makes even the most coarse and unruly facial hair soft and touchable. A rich blend of Moroccan argan oil, linseed oil. sweet almond oil and aloe vera, each drop deeply moisturises the hair and leaves your beard looking smooth as silk. Free of sulphates, parabens, alcohol, phosphates, sodium chloride and mineral oils.

  • Mr Muk Hair, Beard & Body Wash 250ml

    mr muk hair, beard & body wash 250ml

    From the urban jungle to a tropical paradise, this is the one product that will travel the distance wherever you roam. Suitable for all hair and skin types, this multi-use wash is ultra-conditioning for the entire body. Leaves your hair and beard totally soft and touchable whilst nourishing and moisturising the skin. Couldn’t be simpler.

  • Mr Muk Thickening & Texturing Shampoo 250ml

    mr muk thickening & texturing shampoo 250ml

    Shampoo can leave your hair limp… but not this guy. A styling and texturising shampoo that builds volume in the shower, leaving your hair full and lushly textured. For maximum bulk, leave the conditioner on the shelf.

  • Mr Muk Dandruff Control Shampoo 250ml

    mr muk dandruff control shampoo 250ml

    Bid dandruff and flakiness forever farewell. A gentle effective cleanser that nourishes the hair and calms a dry, irritated scalp. Formulated with botanical extracts of Sophora Root and Cnidium Monnieri Fruit, acclaimed Chinese medicine extracts renowned for soothing itchy scalps, say hello to zen from the first use. Suitable for all hair types.