The Palladeum (Adelaide)

June 27, 2024

1. What has been the best thing about changing to muk colour for your business?

The journey has been super positive. It’s probably the best business decision I have made. It’s given me financial freedom in both my business and personal life. Now we focus on using what we need day to day and not having excessive stock on the shelves.

2. How has the changeover (to muk) positivity impacted the salon?

The changeover has impacted the salon mainly with creativity. The hybrid system has given my team more freedom and versatility with their colour work. While we were initially nervous about the shift, it’s now clear how much sense it makes. It’s true to swatch we always know what we’re going to get.

3. What do you, your team and your clients love about muk colour results?

I’ve used different brands in the past, but nothing beats the ‘muk’ shine! whether it’s a permanent or demi permanent result. The hybrid system offers the perfect colour balancing every time. The grey coverage is also a standout as we never have to feel nervous about coverage.

4. How have you found your experiencing dealing with the muk team?

Our muk team is the unmatched. Wayne, our reliable and consistent rep, is always available to help us out. Ozge, our tech pushes our creative boundaries and encourages and motivates my team. Muk has given me the creative freedom to travel as a guest artist to show my skills. My team love the techs coming into the salon – they are like an extension of our crew!

5. What is your favourite muk electrical tool & why do you love it?

The muk Blow 3900IR Hairdryer is definitely the tool ‘hero’ for me. The speed, power and the compact size is one I couldn’t live without. Helps me get smooth results without having to straighten over.