June 18, 2022

Cold + windy weather, low humidity and extremes in temperatures (due to moving from chilly outside to warmth inside with central / radiant heating and cosy fires) can all cause hair to dry out and become brittle throughout the Winter months.
To save hair from resembling dehydrated straw, here’s a selection of Winter Rescue Remedies:

Moisture Replenish Winter Luxe Treatment

  1. Shampoo – muk Spa Argan Oil Repair Shampoo. Towel Dry so hair is damp, not dripping
  2. Apply 2 – 4 pumps (depending on length and texture of hair) of muk Spa Argan Oil Treatment to the hair.
  3. Apply muk Spa Argan Oil Repair Mask to the hair focusing on the mid lengths and ends. Comb through and wrap hair in shower cap. Leave in for 20 – 25 minutes.
  4. Rinse treatment from the hair and apply muk Spa Argan Oil Repair Conditioner. Rinse well.
  5. Apply another 2 – 4 pumps of muk Spa Argan Oil Treatment to damp towel dried hair and leave in. Dry hair gently.

Moisture Replenish Time Saver Treatment

Deep muk 1 Minute Ultra Soft Treatment is a luxurious, moisturising treatment for dry and dehydrated hair. Increases softness and shine, while hydrating, strengthening and deeply nourishing all hair types in just 1 minute. Sea Kelp extract protects the hair, while weightless moisturising agents penetrate the hair shaft and replenish lost nutrients. Elasticity is restored creating healthy, strong and manageable hair.

  1. Apply to towel dried hair that has been freshly shampooed with Deep muk Ultra Soft Shampoo.
  2. Completely coat the hair and leave on for just 1 minute, or up to 3 minutes if hair is extra dry or damaged.
  3. Rinse thoroughly and finish with Deep muk Ultra Soft Conditioner.

Use weekly or for extremely damaged hair use every shampoo.