Salon 1495 (Adelaide)

June 27, 2024

1. What has been the best thing about changing to muk colour for your business?

The best thing has been how easy and simple it is to learn and use, the fact we can create so many different results with one tube of colour, instead of having to supply multiple colour ranges to create a desired result!

2. How has the changeover (to muk) positivity impacted the salon?

I have been lucky enough to have only used Muk since opening my salon. Out of all the colour ranges I have used previously while working for other salons, muk was the only colour range I loved using!

3. What do you, your team and your clients love about muk colour results?

Definitely the grey coverage! We never have an issue with our clients greys not covering! But overall, the long longevity and shine of the colours, we don’t really get much fading with muk colour. We also love that it is a much cooler toned range but we are still able to create warmth if we need too!

4. How have you found your experiencing dealing with the muk team?

Majority of the time, Great! Our reps / colour technicians have always been amazing, they are easy to contact, supportive and accommodating and we have absolutely loved and learnt a lot from all the training we have received over the years. Training is something I have always prioritised.

5. What is your favourite muk electrical tool & why do you love it?

Definitely the straighteners! I have been them for 8 years now and i don’t think i can ever change! They are the only straighteners I will recommend. I do also love the blow-dryers, they are comfortable to hold but also love how powerful they are, they make it easier to smooth and dry the hair. And of course, the curling wand! Can’t say I have ever really liked any other wand I have tried!