Frankies Hair Studio (Western Australia)

June 27, 2024

1. What has been the best thing about changing to muk colour for your business?

It is a hybrid brand so a lot less wastage. The size of the tubes and cost is great for a busy salon.

2. How has the changeover (to muk) positivity impacted the salon?

Less wastage, more cost effective.

3. What do you, your team and your clients love about muk colour results?

Love how shiny the gloss method makes the hair feel.

4. How have you found your experiencing dealing with the muk team?

The muk team are amazing, the rep Anne is always checking in and the educator Sam is also great and comes in every month for training.

5. What is your favourite muk electrical tool & why do you love it?

The Curl Stick V2.0 as it comes with different sized barrels and is easy to use.