Evolve Hair (Western Australia)

June 27, 2024

1. What has been the best thing about changing to muk colour for your business?

Definitely support for regular in salon support from our sales rep Anne, & colour technician Sam, they are all amazing!

2. How has the changeover (to muk) positivity impacted the salon?

muk is really easy to use, great for clients, fabulous grey coverage, incredible hair condition and great colour range. Clients are really happy with results of their hair- that’s the main thing.

3. What do you, your team and your clients love about muk colour results?

Answer: Same as above really. The longevity of the colour is amazing, the condition of the hair is the best it’s ever been. The retail range does what it says it’s going to do and the price point is great too.

4. How have you found your experiencing dealing with the muk team?

Amazing. No other words necessary really. Super supportive, always wanting feedback, always looking at ways to help build our salon business.

5. What is your favourite muk electrical tool & why do you love it?

I have 2 hairdryers (muk Blow 3900-IR Hairdryers), it’s hands down the best one I’ve ever had. muk Curl stick (V2.0), so easy to use, interchangeable (barrel) sizes make it an absolute winner!