Cove Hair Collective (Adelaide)

June 27, 2024

1. What has been the best thing about changing to muk colour for your business?

muk has been great for my business as it has streamlined our core colour and retail brand to one company that is not only cost effective but less confusing when learning about the colours and the biggest plus is that its Australian.

2. How has the changeover (to muk) positivity impacted the salon?

The changeover has positively impacted the salon by bringing us more hands-on training as a team more 1 on 1 training for our apprentices and our clients have had positive feedback about the retail range and definitely the colour choices.

3. What do you, your team and your clients love about muk colour results?

My team loves the longevity of their permanent colour coverage on greys, the range of colours and the versatility of the hybrid system. This gives us endless mixing possibilities.

4. How have you found your experiencing dealing with the muk team?

The support as a salon from the muk team is like nothing I have ever experienced as a salon owner before. Its personal hands-on friendly approach is refreshing in a money driven world. They support not only me as a owner but right through the whole team with training which is aimed at every level of our team.

5. What is your favourite muk electrical tool & why do you love it?

muk electrical products are both effective, economical and easy to use. The muk Style Stick 230IR would have to be a favourite.