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Ellery Paris Fashion Week 2013

muk Haircare made its second International Fashion Week debut backstage at Paris Fashion Week, as the major hair sponsor for renowned Australian designer Ellery at her inaugural show on 29 September 2013. Hair Director for the Ellery show was Martin Cullen from the renowned Streeters Agency in New York. Martin created a collection of hair looks that bordered on the androgynous but with a classic beauty that still had an expensive look and feel. Ellery’s spring/summer 2014 collection Transcendenta didn’t stray far from her signature look. It was all Ellery edge and elegance with her unmistakable strict structure verses soft silhouettes, cool colour palette and a nod to the ’70s. Complementing her fashion approach in hair was a simple, yet classic look bordering on the androgynous but with a strong reference to the 70s where hair was often parted in the middle and left unstructured. To create the look, Martin parted the model’s hair down the centre and smoothed around the ears, creating a gentle wave at the back. Martin used a combination of Hot muk Thermal Spray and the muk Style Stick 230-IR to smooth the hair. To create texture at the back, Beach muk Sea Salt Spray was used for volume. To finish, the ends were smoothed with Hot muk Smoothing Serum creating shine and balance.