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Charlie Brown International Motor Show

Muk Haircare were honoured to be asked as the exclusive hair partner for a unique collaboration between Hyundai and Charlie Brown at the 2011 Australian International Motor Show in July. Charlie Brown, one of Australia’s leading fashion labels, showcased specifically designed dresses with ‘fluidic’ trains, which were draped over the new Hyundai vehicles in a unique catwalk show. The Muk Styling team, led by company director Mark Gargilio, created a collection of stunning hairstyles of pure femininity to complement the fashion on show. Mark says, “Hyundai and Charlie Brown represent quality and innovative design, which the Muk Haircare brand encapsulates. “The opportunity to work with such great brands and backstage to produce stunning hairstyles was an exciting time for Muk and the enthusiastic styling team that worked backstage.” Cascading curls styled with the new muk curl stick dominated the catwalk and showcased the styling versatility of Muk products & tools Former Miss Universe, Laura Dundovic, stole the show with her Hollywood glamour looks with expertly styled hair using Muk products.